Edward Cullen, is that you?

We’re all for creative upcycling, but RP/Encore’s macabre medley of jewelry and accessories—made out of artfully preserved rat heads, guinea pig feet, pigeon feathers, and whole mice—give us the heebie jeebies, Halloween or no Halloween. The work of British taxidermist Reid Peppard, who happens to be vegetarian, the V/ermin collection comprises hairpieces, brooches, necklaces, cufflinks, bow ties, and coin purses that put the “gross” in “gross anatomy”—even if Peppard assures us that her compassionately procured specimens are the result of traffic accidents, pest control, or natural death.

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“RP/ENCORE challenges our attitudes toward fur, leather, and waste,” Peppard says. “In a world where leather is worn with out question by most, and replaced by unbiodegradable plastics by the rest, it is ironic that the image of an animal preserved using taxidermy is still enough to cause widespread outrage and fist banging.”

“RP/ENCORE challenges our attitudes toward fur, leather, and waste.”

It’s this reason that Peppard prepares, stuffs, and mounts what she dubs the “prolific, consequential vermin result of London’s excess.” “When they become sculptural headpieces, necklaces and cufflinks,” she adds, “the specimens cease to be waste and become objects to behold. RP/ENCORE makes use of the city’s leftovers.”

So what do you think? Do they shiver your timbers—or just make you shiver?

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