Another year, another pair of new pants to buy or so it usually goes if you’re like any average individual. Durable, quality-made pants are hard to come by these days, and ones that last or are made in America? Add that to the list of rarities. Manuel Rappard, founder of the jeans company RPMWEST, is looking to revolutionize the industry with his recent project, The Quarter Century Pant, a Kickstarter campaign featuring durable, American-made chino pants for men guaranteed to last the wearer for 25 years.

“Our background is denim and we wanted to take our quality and experience and make the best possible pair of pants on the market,” Rappard tells Ecouterre. “We believe clothes should be made to last. We pride ourselves on the timeless design of our garments.”

At only $85 a pair, The Quarter Century Pant is manufactured in America and made from premium 3-ply 100% cotton twill fabric for strong, sturdy wear and a soft, durable feel. Complete with heavy-duty zippers, military grade rivets, a reinforced double crotch, tucked belt loops and an extra strong inseam, these pants highlight superior American craftsmanship and challenge the fashion industry to produce more higher-quality, longer lasting clothes.

“The best quality comes when you make things in your own back yard. We only work with production facilities that pay proper attention to fabric, people and processes right here in Los Angeles, CA.”

Kickstarter backers who pledge $85 or more will receive a pair of The Quarter Century Pant in their size and are able to choose from 8 colors in either a straight leg or slim fit model. Normally retailing for $200, The Quarter Century Pant cuts out the retail channel, manufacturing waste, and use of extra materials by selling directly through Kickstarter at a more affordable price.

Rappard’s bold promise that The Quarter Century Pants will replace and outperform any other pants is backed by a 25-year guarantee including free of charge repairs should anything happen to your pair of pants. This promise and the anticipated prospect of long-lasting chino pants seem to resonate with many: within only a few weeks of the project’s launch, the Kickstarter has already over 1,000 backers and has already surpassed it’s $20,000 funding goal. In addition to these chino pants, Rappard also envisions future projects featuring knit goods and footwear.

“Our [backers] have taken the pledge to invest in longer lasting clothes. It shows the industry and us that people still care about quality. It’s a differentiator in the market of fast fashion. On the flip-side customers can see that clothes can be designed to last a long time and that fast fashion does not need to be the standard.”

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