If the comic-book blockbuster Kick-Ass has you hankering for spandex and superheroics of your own, Ruffeo Hearts L’il Snotty will suit you up in no time. The New York City-based label, which mines deadstock fabric for its psychedelic garments, doesn’t shy away from neon hues or modesty: Skintight unitards, racing-checkered briefs, and color-block leggings are par for the course.

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Handmade by founders Mackswell Sherman and Sarah Jones in Brooklyn’s Red Hook district, RHLS is not for the faint of heart or meek of inhibition. (It takes a lot of guts—irony intended—to sport navel-baring cutouts and Richard Simmons aerobic-wear.) It should come as no surprise then that Sherman and Jones found their niche after making shirts for experimental puppetry and speed-rap performance art.

The founders started out making shirts for experimental puppetry and speed-rap performance art.

But RHLS is more than just bodysuits and rainbow explosions—it’s part of a “movement for positive social change,” according to Sherman and Jones. “We believe by reclaiming the clothing industry, making everything locally and using manufacturer leftover materials, we can revolutionize production practices in many fields,” the duo say. “We are taking responsibity and we belive consumers will get behind us and share that responsibility.”

In other words, RHLS wants to save the world. At least they already look the part.

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