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Hip-hop entrepreneur and yoga fanatic Russell Simmons has written an open letter to yoga clothing retailer Lululemon on behalf of PETA. In his plea, Simmons asks the popular company to curb their usage of goose and duck down. Simmons urges Lululemon’s Chief Executive Officer, Laurent Potdevin, to switch to cruelty-free synthetics, which will keep their customers equally toasty warm.

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Many of Lululemon’s outwear garments contain down feathers, a material that causes great pain to the innocent geese slain for their feathers. Simmons goes on to describe the horrid conditions in which factories obtain down, including geese having their throats slit while fully conscious.Simmons goes on to remark that hurting animals goes against the principle of ahimsa in yoga, or nonviolence.

Many modern synthetic fabrics provide the same warmth and insulation that goose down has in the past, including Thinsulate, Climashield, and PrimaLoft. Each is totally cruelty-free, and as a bonus, environmentally friendly.

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Simmons has become a regular customer of Lululemon, shopping their often for athletic clothing to suit is regular yoga practice schedule.

With his celebrity and business reputation, he and PETA hope that his open letter will influence Lululemon to make serious changes to cruelty-free materials, which will leave their customers—and gees—resting easy.

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