In the Closet with Sara Snow, Sara Snow


Call it fate, destiny, or the hopeless inevitability that we’ll grow up to become our parents, but Sara Snow’s professional and personal trajectory couldn’t have been more green if she tried. The daughter of Tim and Patti Redmond, who founded Eden Foods in 1969, the eco-lifestyle expert, TV host, and author grew up noshing on organic tofu, turning compost piles, and romping around her family’s solar-heated home.

Besides hosting Get Fresh With Sara Snow and Living Fresh on the Discovery Network, Snow also contributes a regular segment (“Living Green With Sara Snow”) for LIVE and a column called “Green Eyes On” for TreeHugger. In 2009, the eco-crusader published her first book, Sara Snow’s Fresh Living; The Essential Room-by-Room Guide to a Greener, Healthier Family and Home.

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