We can’t imagine the size of the paper cut Mauricio Velasquez Posada’s origami-like paper garments could give you. (Craftzine)

Surf apparel label O’Neill is launching ECO’Neill, a collection of sustainable designs launching for gents (Spring 2010) and ladies (Spring 2011). (All the Rage)

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“Today, it’s about compliance: Don’t include materials from a restricted substance list, don’t violate human rights, don’t burn down buildings. It’s more about don’t do the wrong thing. But there is an emerging trend that says maybe we can actually be doing the right thing, and I think 10 years from now, it’ll be very different. People will take compliance for granted. The consumer presumption is actually turning to be ‘it’s not good enough to not do the wrong thing; what are you doing to do the right thing?'”

—Jeffrey Swartz, CEO of Timberland in an interview with WWD.