Snag singer Debbie Harry’s vintage threads at 1stDibs—a portion of the proceeds benefits Riverkeeper’s environment-saving work. (EcoSalon)

Luxury fashion houses don’t come under the same ethical scrutiny as their high-street brethren, but they still need to “wake up” to their environmental responsibilities, says Simon Birch of Ethical Consumer, which gave low marks to so-called conscious companies like Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood in its latest clothing report. (The Guardian)

You can credit the absence of fur in O Magazine to an “aha!” moment Oprah Winfrey experienced 20 years ago. Looking at a sable coat in her closet, the media mogul was struck by a visceral sense of how many animals had been bred specifically to be killed. She gave them all away and hasn’t looked back since. (Pinnacle)

What price sparkle, asks Observer journalist and author Lucy Siegle. “While there seems to be a surfeit of ‘eco-buttons,’ I’ve still to find an eco-sequin,” she writes. “They are relentlessly plastic.” (The Observer)

How many matching lumberjack ensembles do Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra have in their closet? StyleLikeU spelunks its depths. (Racked)


A lot of times, people who wear fur might already have an openness to hearing another point of view, but if you go at them in a way that’s confrontational, they will shut down.”

—Actress and vegan activist Alicia Silverstone on why she tries to express her distaste for fur without judgement or condemnation.