But the plant’s value cannot be overstated. “Hemp can be grown and harvested every year, whereas a tree will generally take 15 to 20 years to grow until they can be used for sustainable manufacture,” he explains on his Kickstarter page. “Deforestation is an important issue and hemp can help reduce this problem.”

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Whitman, who developed “The Crosby” silhouette as a prototype, intends to manufacture everything by hand in the United Kingdom. All the sunglasses are recyclable and biodegradable, though they won’t “disappear if you leave them outside overnight,” he says.

For £70 ($112), you’ll receive a pair of “hemps”—as Whitman calls them—as well as hemp drawstring bag and box. Plus, each product is truly one of a kind. “Every pair has a unique aesthetic as the plant fibers form different structures in the material,” Whitman says.

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+ Hemp Eyewear