Whether you are traveling with dirty clothes or living in an area without access to electricity, laundry can go from being a chore to a monumental task. Perfect for small loads, the Scrubba is a portable bag that requires minimal amounts of water and can be folded down to fit into almost any suitcase. Large enough for several items at a time, the Scrubba takes only a couple liters of water, soap, and the energy of the user to agitate and clean the pieces inside. The inside of the bag contains small nodules that help with scrubbing, needing only 20-30 seconds to get everything nice and sudsy. Once the water is drained, clothes can be rinsed and then hung to dry.

From the GiraDora to the Laundry Pod, electricity-free washing devices are becoming more and more popular. The Scrubba wash bag is essentially a flexible wash bag that is able to hold several pieces of clothing, soap, and a couple liters of water. Perfect for those with limited space and resources, it can be packed down into a five ounce pocket. The Scrubba is available in red, black, and blue for $59.95 AUD and can be ordered through the Scrubba website.

+ Scrubba Wash Bag $59.95

[Via Springwise]