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Sisters Dagmar and Eliska Mertova founded SegraSegra (which means “sister sister” in Czech”) to take urban cyclists from “home to job to your favorite pub.” Recycled bicycle inner tubes accentuate a growing collection of T-shirts, jeans, windbreakers, and sweatshirts, as well as a few day-to-night pieces for women. Combined with reflective embellishments, the pieces incorporate visibility without gaudiness.

Rubber tubing can withstand weather, washing, ironing, and stretching, making it ideal for clothing.

Despite the widespread use of inner tubes in jewelry and bags, the material is rarely used in apparel. The sisters were originally drawn to its similarity to leather—albeit at a much lower price—but they soon realized that its tolerance to weather, washing, ironing, and stretching made it deal for clothing. With an already expansive line and a new summer collection aimed at the stylish urbanite, it probably won’t be long before the siblings have the whole city of Prague on two wheels.

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