Wethinks designer Diane Steverlynck is taking the term “bedclothes” a mite too literally, but no matter. Her “Self-Couture” bedspread is a simple yet genius feat of engineering, with several layers that alternately function as bed coverings and clothing. The trick lies in the two-button closures that uniformly perforate each sheet, creating multiple anchors for twisting and locking the fabric into myriad configurations.

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Self-Couture comprises two to five layers of woven cotton and wool, in both solids and prints. Depending on how you fold and button them, each sheet functions independently as a sleeping bag, single or double sheet, winter or summer blanket, dress, blouse, jacket, or skirt.

By folding and buttoning the layers, each sheet becomes a dress, blouse, or jacket.

Steverlynck dubs the all-in-one piece a way of achieving “multiple uses from a simple piece of textile.” We call it the ultimate road-tripping essential.

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