Information overload frazzled your last nerve? Selfridges wants to help you find the “power of quiet” amid the bedlam. The British department store has launched “No Noise,” a campaign to help customers find moments of calm in an overstimulated world. From now till the end of February, Selfridges will be dropping its name from its signature yellow bags. Other brands cutting through the visual clutter include Beats by Dre, Crème de La Mer, Levi’s and Marmite, which will be stripping their products of their logos in favor of a pared-down aesthetic. Their goal: to focus on quality and function rather than an advertised image.


No Noise will also see the return of Selfridge’s “Silence Room,” first created by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the store’s founder, when he opened its doors in 1909. For shoppers who need a moment to mentally detox, the new Silence Room offers a tranquil oasis where vsitors are asked to leave shoes, cellphones, and other 21st century distractions at the door.

The reopened “Silence Room” offers shoppers a tranquil oasis where they can mentally detox.

“Selfridges’ No Noise is a project which invites customers to find a moment of peace in a world where we are bombarded by a cacophony of information and stimulation,” says Alannah Weston, the store’s creative director. “We hope that people will enjoy the restorative qualities of quietness by visiting our Silence Room and by participating in a specially curated program of quiet experiences.”


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