Milanese cordwainer Sergio Rossi has joined forces with Livia Firth’s “Green Carpet Challenge” to create the sustainable-fashion initiatives inaugural line of shoes and purses. Crafted in Firth’s native Italy from locally spun, dyed, and woven organic silk, the collection is the first to receive the Green Carpet Challenge brand mark for “sustainable excellence,” according to Firth, whose eco-consultancy, Eco Age, visited and verified all the factories involved. Other “green” attributes include chrome-free, European-sourced leather; Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood, and nickel- and brass-free galvanized hardware.

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“This has been such a wonderful collaboration which truly preserves and celebrates real artisanal skills and hand-craftsmanship,” Firth said in a statement. “It is extremely rewarding also for me on a personal level—not only to be working in Italy—but to now have completed with this collection the world’s first Green Carpet Challenge look- from top to toe . We have had many beautiful gowns and stunning Chopard GCC jewellery and now we have the glorious shoes and pochette. The sky now really is the limi.”

+ Sergio Rossi x Green Carpet Challenge

+ Eco Age