Hardened criminals counting stitches and fussing over embroidery? The Fine Cell Work program allows prisoners to earn money and learn new skills through needlework. (The Independent)

Huntsman Textile Effects has launched a new range of reactive dyes for cotton that it claims can reduce water and energy consumption by half. (Ecotextile News)

The glut of cheap cashmere sweaters is causing the Mongolian countryside to turn into a modern-day Dust Bowl, no thanks to hungry goats who gorge on 400 square miles of grass every year. (EcoSalon)

Janette Crawford, founder of Fashion Loves People, profiles one of our favorite social enterprises: Nau. (Commerce With a Conscience)

The best use of fur in fashion we’ve seen to date: Bedding for orphaned and injured wildlife. (TreeHugger)

From RadiciGroup comes CornLeaf, a new 100 percent biodegradable yarn made from Ingeo polylactic acid (PLA) polymer. (Fibre2Fashion)