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Chouza and Bennaim aren’t able to pinpoint the source of their creativity, but their love of the night sky is obvious. “We always come up with the best ideas at the most random times”, they tell Ecouterre. “Whenever we are joking around and suddenly something amazing comes up and we try our best to make it happen.”

Their grassroots mentality extends to their materials, which are sourced locally.

The starry-eyed pair currently hand-make each garment in their Manhattan studio, with Etsy as their primary storefront. Their grassroots mentality extends to their materials—mostly silks and cotton sateens—which are sourced locally. “As a small brand, I think it is extremely important to be fully involved in every step of the collection, from the creative process, to production, selling, and even interacting with customers,” Bennaim says.

Shadowplay also employs a waste-saving drafting technique that uses up almost every inch of fabric, leaving next to nothing for the landfill. But although Chouza and Bennaim have lofty ambitions, they’ll never forget their earthly beginnings. “It is so much better to buy unique products from small designers that are produced locally and have great quality and design,” Bennaim says.

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