An incredible feat of wearable technology could be your new, customizable kicks. The amazing new sneaker company, ShiftWear, fuses a digital screen and wearable fabric, enabling fashion forward mavens to switch the look of their shoes with their smart phones. Launched in a new Indiegogo campaign, sneaker heads can now advance to the next level, with animated designs from smartphone app to shoe.

ShiftWear’s high, medium and low tops are different than any sneaker you’ve seen. Wrapped around the foot from lace to lace is customizable wearing HD screen. Synced with a smartphone app, the screens can change easily to animated artworks, or even static designs.

Designs can be uploaded through ShiftWear’s online marketplace, featuring standard designs as well as submitted art from artists around the world. Newly chosen themes will appear in seconds, fitting an outfit on the fly. Rather than glowing LED lights, each design will appear and animate as if displayed on a piece of paper.

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The sneakers themselves are durable, and can be machine washed without worry of fraying or fading. Powering the sneaker screens is easy to- just step your way to animated screens, as ShiftWear shoes are powered by piezoelectric technology.

Early birds can rock new ShiftWear kicks in colors of their choice through their Indiegogo campaign, and have bragging rights to show off the world’s first digital screen shoe.

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