Activity trackers are a dime a dozen now, and they all look have a sporty look that goes well with your workout clothes, but not necessarily a dress or a suit. Enter Shine, a stylish activity tracker by Misfit Wearables. The all aluminum activity tracker can be switched around and worn as a watch, on a sport band, a necklace, pinned to your clothes or just in your pocket. Designed for style and function, Misfit’s Shine might just be your favorite accessory of the year and help you get and stay in shape.

Shine is crafted out of aerospace grade aluminum and is made to withstand water, so it means you can take it swimming with you. The tracker runs of a regular old watch battery, which you have to replace every 4 months or so. Shine wirelessly syncs with your smartphone and shows you stats and helps your reach your activity goals. The device also can act as a watch and when you tap the face, it will light up the time with dots on the perimeter. Track your activity whether walking, running, cycling or swimming and also keep track of your sleep.

Most activity trackers are worn on the wrist as a bracelet or watch with a sporty, sweat resistant band. You can wear Shine like this too, but you can also swap the sport band out for a leather watch band, a necklace, or a clasp. The all aluminum tracker looks more like a piece of jewelry than a high-tech sensor and comes in four different shades – Jet, Champagne, Topaz and Grey. Starting at $119.95 for just the tracker, you can add on your accessory depending on how you want to wear it.

+ Shine $119.95

+ Misfit Wearables