You’ve MySpaced, Facebooked, Plurked, and Tumblred. Tweeting your life in 140 characters or less was only the next logical move. But if all this public posturing still rates as undersharing, take heart: You can now microblog with every step you take. Ricardo Nascimento, an artist and multimedia producer from Brazil, has created the Rambler, a pair of sensor-equipped sneakers that tracks movement and then blabs about it on Twitter.

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Depending on the pressure exerted on the soles of the shoes, each footfall is translated as a “tap” or “.” This information is then transmitted via the magic of Bluetooth to a cellphone, which, in turn, updates the Rambler’s Twitter page. “Following these postings, one can know if the wearer is walking or not and also predict his speed,” says Nascimento.

Depending on the pressure exerted, each step is translated as a “tap” or “.”

The Rambler isn’t in earnest, however—it’s more of a satirical statement on our navel-gazing Internet culture and the glut of completely pointless information circulating the Twitterverse. Now excuse us, it’s time for a java break—and, by God, 1,180 of our closest friends need to know about it.

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