While farting in public is considered a serious social faux pas, sometimes you just have to let her rip no matter how many people you may harm in the process. But fear not, now there’s a way to mask your stink without blaming the dog: fart-filtering undies. Shreddies, a British underwear maker, has rolled out a a line of flatulence fighting underwear for both men and women that makes use of a high tech textile used to help soldiers stay safe in case of chemical warfare. Although originally created for those with flatulence problems, Shreddies are really for everyone, because everybody farts.

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Shreddies were designed by Paul O’Leary, who set out to help those who suffer from flatulence from bowel disorders, but provide a solution for everyone. O’Leary worked with a team of lingerie designers to make the comfortable and fit well. The secret though to the fart filtering undies though is the use of ‘Zorflex’ activated carbon cloth, which was originally used in chemical warfare suits. The cloth is highly porous and works by absorbing both organic or inorganic molecules from gases or liquids and then neutralizing them.

The undies come in black and white in two discreet styles each for both men and women and the carbon cloth is placed in a back panel of the underwear. Under normal wear conditions, you can expect the underwear and their fart filtering capabilities to last between two to three years. Whether you suffer from a bowel disorder or you have stinky farts like the rest of us, Shreddies will soak up your stink and keep it secret. The underwear are available for sale on Shreddies website starting at £19. You can also buy them as a gag gift (or a serious gift), which comes in a funny and clever fart joke box. A perfect stocking stuffer for the upcoming holidays.

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