We’ve seen whiskey fuel everything from alternative vehicles to drunken bar brawls, but who would have thought that whiskey glasses could actually improve your vision? The eyewear makers at Shwood recently teamed up with BDGA and Bushmills to launch a limited-edition line of sunglasses made from 100-year-old white oak Irish whiskey barrels. Featuring 100 percent UVA/UVB-proof Carl Zeiss lenses, the charcoal-singed shades are beautifully hand-wrought from weathered wood—just the thing to add some glam to your dram.


Shwood conducts every step of its manufacturing process, from veneering to lens-cutting, shaping to finishing, in its Portland workshop. The Bushmills edition of its popular “Canby” frame style is limited to 100 pieces, which means once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Each pair is packaged in a custom wooden crate, complete with a crowbar to pry it open. Booze not included.

+ Canby/The Bushmills $225

+ Shwood

[Via Esquire]