Take a piece of America’s untamed beauty with you, wherever you may roam, with Shwood’s latest line of stylish and sustainable eyewear. Inspired by the striking geologic vistas of South Dakota, as well as the poetry of Ralph Waldo Emerson, the “Badlands” collection features molted osprey feathers and shredded desert flowers suspended in resin, the result of a new casting technique pioneered by the Oregon firm. Emerson’s words—“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not”—lie at the heart of the designs, which use cellulose acetate (derived from cotton and wood pulp) and domestic walnut hardwood to capture a fleeting moment in nature.


“Inspiration is easily found but rarely encapsulated,” Shwood, which makes all of its wares from its Portland studio, said of the collection. “With the new Badlands collection, we’ve mastered a new process of stabilization of natural materials. Using high-pressure resin casting and our hand-made processing technique, we’ve taken elements from some of the most awe-inspiring environments in the world and transformed them into one- of-a-kind wearable art.”

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The Badlands collection is the first in a line of resin-cast ranges, known collectively as the “Stabilized Series,” that Shwood says will launch throughout the year.

“Our new stabilization process freezes the beauty of nature in time and preserves natural elements in their current state,” the company explained, underscoring the uniqueness of each end product. “Just as every inspirational experience is unique, so is every handmade piece of this series.”

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