Parents, klutzes, and pig pens rejoice for now there is a spill and stain-proof t-shirt made with safe nanotechnology. Silic is more than just a basic black or white tshirt; it features hydrophobic nanotechnology to repel water, liquids, and even sweat. Created in San Francisco, the Silic shirt is now available through a Kickstarter campaign that has blown through it’s original fundraising goal.

Silic was made by Amir Patel with the help of a former Vera Wang designer and leading textile technology companies right in Silicon Valley. Produced in your basic black and white, the t-shirt’s fibers are impregnated with nanotechnology on the microscopic level. Billions of silica particles coat the shirt, but still allow it to remain flexible and comfortable. Silic also claims its technology is safe and not cancerous like some other water-proof technologies.

Water or water-based liquids just roll right off the shirt and never even touch the actual fibers. You can pour red wine, hot sauce, gatorade or any other water-based liquid on the shirt and it won’t absorb or stain. The shirt is also designed for those who are active and is made to endure sports and exercise while keeping you dry. Silic shirts are available through a Kickstarter campaign for $48 in black or white.

+ Silic on Kickstarter