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Love Twitter? You might be a Twitterholic if you’re compelled to tweet #everystepyoutake. Like @theGrammys.…from your dress. Case in point: British singer Imogen Heap, who showed up at the music awards in a crazy-amazing “Twitdress,” complete with a giant flashing necklace that scrolled real-time tweets from her fans.

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The social media-enabled gown was Heap’s way of letting her followers in on the ceremony. “I just thought it’d be nice for them to come with me so I’ve got a live Twitter feed from them,” she told The Times.

A wireless router embedded inside the chanteuse’s dress was responsible for the live Tweetup, but Heap also carried an iPod touch inside a clear Fendi purse to display photographs fans sent her during the event (marked with its own hashtag, #twitdress, natch). Considering that Heap gained much of her fame through the Internet, it was the least she could do for her loyal follows, on Twitter or otherwise.

A giant flashing necklace scrolled real-time tweets from Heap’s fans.

And the people viewing at home weren’t the only ones tweeting; Heap tapped a quick 140-character-or-less message right before she picked up her award: “Walked through the door and had to run to the stage coz they just called name! I won best engineer!!! Arggghj!” Profound, indeed.

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