They don’t squirt five-foot streams of icing, but that won’t stop Katy Perry from unleashing her line of edible cupcake bras onto the world. Inspired by her “California Gurls” music video, which plunged the singer into a Candyland-esque world of fluffy cotton-candy clouds and bird-flipping Gummi bears, the “Candyfornia” collection is set to send blood-sugar levels skyrocketing in time for summer. (Be still our areolae!) If you can get past the caloric count, you can take at least some heart: The goodies are vegan, gluten-free, and organic.

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“It was really important to me that Candyfornia not only look good and taste good, but do your body good,” Perry says in a press release. “I try to be healthy but I also love my sweets, so this is a compromise.”

Besides chocolate and vanilla, the bras come in ribald-sounding combos like banana cream pie and fluffernutter.

Besides traditional favorites like chocolate and vanilla, the boulder holders also come in ribald-sounding combos like melon raspberry, banana cream pie, and fluffernutter. And in case you want to save them for extra-special sexytimes, the bras can be stashed in the fridge for up to a week or kept frozen for two months.

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