In the testosterone-filled world of music, the Lilith Fair is a rockin’ testament to women in music. The touring, all-lady festival Lilith Fair—don’t worry guys, you can attend, you just won’t be headlining—is back after a 10-year hiatus. To commemorate the occasion, the Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan, who founded the event, is flexing her designer muscles with a range of winsome wing-shaped jewelry from 100 percent reclaimed silver.

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Designed by McLachlan herself and made locally in Vancouver, the recycled sterling-silver earrings ($100) and necklace ($90) come simply engraved with the word, “Lilith.” With a touring family made up of music greats such as Carly Simon, the Indigo Girls, Cat Power, Emmylou Harris, Heart, The Bangles—we could go on for days—we’re hoping these lady-giants will catch onto the green wave, too.

Lilith Fair will donate a dollar from every ticket sold to socially conscious enterprises and charities.

McLachlan’s women-led Lilith dream originally ran from 1997 to 1999 and raised over $10 million for socially conscious nonprofits. This summer, the tour is back with even loftier charitable goals: Lilith Fair will contribute a dollar from every ticket sold to its i4c Campaign, which supports “changing-representing” enterprises like Alter Eco, a fair-trade foods company, Better World Books, which sells books online to fund global literacy initiatives, To-Go Ware, which makes reusable food carriers and bamboo utensils, and Grameen America, a microfinance bank that metes out loans to entrepreneurs living below the poverty line.

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