Hemp may be a controversial fiber in our part of the world, but its eco-centricity hasn’t gone unnoticed by our counterparts Down Under. Sir Tom is a line of hemp and hemp-blended clutches (THC-free, thankyouverymuch) by Australian designer Anne Waters, who named it after a street in her home of Bondi Beach. Waters was drawn to the hippie-revered plant, not for its recreational purpose, but for its 12,000-year history of durability and low environmental impact.

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Unsurprisingly, Sir Tom’s boldly printed accessories put the infamous crop in a far more flattering light. To create her carryalls, Waters first converts her sketch or photograph into hand-cut stencil form. Next, she screen-prints the woven fabric, again by hand, using water-based inks. Waters values the ethical production of her fabrics from crop to cloth, ensuring that Sir Tom embodies both strength and sustainability. That’s the kind of natural high we can get behind.

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