Have you heard about Six Magazine yet? It’s being pitched as Vogue for ethical fashion. “Six” refers to fashion’s “sixth sense,” according to Alina Ratsep, who launched the publication on Thursday with a magical catwalk (featuring designer Henrietta Ludgate) at London’s iconic Barbican Conservatory. “It’s because ethical fashion should be the normal way fashion industry operates,” she tells Ecouterre. “It shouldn’t have to be explained—this is something we know and feel on a certain level, the sixth sense level.”

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The magazine has multiple formats: a daily blog, a digital quarterly, and a biannual print edition—in the vein of Vogue Collections—that coincides with London Fashion Week. There will also be six fashion events throughout the year.

The magazine has multiple formats: a daily blog, a digital quarterly, and a biannual print edition that coincides with London Fashion Week.

Six, whose inaugural issue includes a piece by TreeHugger’s Emma Grady, isn’t just targeting people who are already interested in ethical fashion, but the fashion crowd in general. Its angle, Ratsep explains, is high-end ethical fashion. “[That] brings the best in design to the forefront of the slow-fashion industry, aiming to break the moldy association of ethical fashion with hemp T-shirts for the mass audience,” she adds.

Why does Ratsep think ethical fashion is important? “Social and environmental issues are truly at the forefront,” she says. “And fashion industry—in the state it is now—takes the blame for a vast chunk of the damages caused to the environment and the society, especially in the developing countries. if we can turn this around we will make a huge step towards a healthier planet and a happier society.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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