Following a spate of violent knife attacks on taxi drivers in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, protective-apparel firm PPSS Group has developed a range of slash-resistant clothing designed to protect cabbies from hostile or intoxicated fares. The sweatshirts, windbreakers, sleeves, and gloves all comprise Cut-Tex Pro, a proprietary high-density polyethylene that shields the four major arteries against lacerations and subsequent blood loss.

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Preventative technologies like closed-circuit cameras aren’t often enough to deter potential aggressors, says Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group. “Some aggressive members of the public either don’t care about the potential repercussion following an assault or they are simply so intoxicated they just don’t get it any more,” he writes on the company’s blog. “This is why we need an additional ‘safety net’; something that protects us if all the CCTV systems in the world and all the best communication skills and our great personality have failed to stop such attack.”

The material is also 100 percent concealable, blending in with regular clothing to deflect attention.

The machine-washable material is also 100 percent concealable, blending in with regular clothing so it doesn’t attract attention. Because Cut-Tex Pro can hold its own against utility knives, razor blades, and even broken glass, it’s ideal for professions such as law enforcement, emergency services, private security, and public transport, as well as industries that involve glass or metal.

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