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“I learned a lot from working with the open-knowledge, open-source movement and how it allowed people to connect with one another,” Vernon says on her website. “Inspired by NASA’s open-data images of satellites and telescopes and by collaborating with other artists, our images of our world and our universe were created to be a reminder of how we can find beauty and connection in the cosmos.”

Much like the heavenly bodies that inspire them, Slow Factory’s goods are as timeless as they are built to last, Vernon says. Every limited-edition piece is handcrafted in Montreal and New York using ethically sourced fabrics from Italy and India.

PHOTOS | Shadowplay Offers Space-Age Fashion Inspired by Hubble Photography

To mark the Curiosity rover’s second year on Mars, Slow Factory is launching a new collection of scarves based on six Creative Commons images of the Red Planet from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

“One remarkable thing you’ll see is how Earth-like the images appear at first glance. Mars is millions of miles away, but these scarves make it feel familiar,” Vernon says. “It’s luxury fashion meets space. It’s also a beautiful example of how open knowledge can be used to make us feel more connected to the universe.”

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