Small jewelers, goldsmiths, silversmiths and artists in the UK can now rest easy about their materials, thanks to the Fairtrade Foundation. Newly launched, The Goldsmiths Registration Scheme gives smaller artisans easy access to ethically sourced gold and silver for their wares. This accessibility is a huge step to ensure the transparency of ethically sourced jewelry in the United Kingdom.

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Recognizing that small jewelers and artisans hold the reigns to the jewelry trade in the UK, the Fairtrade Foundation sought to create a program that could help jewelry makers at every level feel good about sourcing materials. Giving small jewelers access to these ethical materials, the Fairtrade Foundation is putting the power in their hands to transform the national market into an ethically friendly industry. Choosing fairtrade materials would also greatly impact the lives of small scale miners.

Jewelers, goldsmiths and silversmiths can register online with Fairtrade for free. Once approved they can purchase certified Fairtrade Gold and precious metals from a registered ethical source, in raw forms like sheet, wire, tube casting.

With the agreement, small jewelers can get up to 500g of gold or platinum and 2kg’s of ethically sourced silver per year, ensuring that their wares are not only beautiful, but helping to make a difference for the miners they are sourced from.

+ Goldsmiths Registration Scheme

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