Here it is, the one sneaker to rule them all. The Shift Sneaker is a new concept that digitally transforms to give you a million different looks all in one sneaker. A smartphone app lets you change the color of the shoes to match your outfit, style or personality with the help of some very high tech textiles. The shifty sneaker and app will allow you to turn your shoes into glowing reflectors when you ride your bike, glow with notifications to tell you if you’re running fast enough or let you get all matchy-matchy with your bestie.

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The Shift Sneaker is a project by UK-based Rehabstudio as one of their Hackweek Projects so that shoe hoarders all over the world could get a handle on their collection. Instead of needing a shoe in every color of the rainbow to match all your outfits, with the Shift Sneaker, you only need one. Innovative textiles and wearable technology allows the wearer to customize the look using colors and patterns to match their clothes or their moods.

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The sneaker will allow for millions of combinations and be made of both conductive and reactive textiles, including phase change fibers, shape memory materials, meta materials to bend light or react to the environment, conductive threads and LEDs. The Bluetooth connected app will let the wearer customize the colors of the shoes, but will also all the wearer to access a variety of packs, like the Running Pack, where the shoe will glow red, blue or green depending on if they are hitting their target pace. Other packs will allow you to perfectly match your shoes to an outfit selfie, your bestie’s shoes, designer collections or glow in the dark for nighttime visibility. Now we just need to the shoe to hit the market and we’ll be set.

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