Beauty mavens with a penchant for cruelty-free products can now shop easier, thanks to a new smart app called Cruelty-Cutter. Developed by the Beagle Freedom Project, the app works by simply scanning the barcode on a beauty product in stores. Once scanned, the app will let shoppers know whether the product was tested on animals, making for cruelty-free shopping at your fingertips.

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Australian model and animal rights activist Catherine McNeil has recently signed on to become the face of Cruelty-Cutter, helping to spread the world to the fashion world and savvy consumers around the world. A long time supporter of animals rights and the Beagle Freedom Project, McNeil is helping the project reach a new demographic, putting the power to choose ethical beauty products in the hands of everyone.

While many beauty products in the United States clearly label their products as being cruelty-free, many do not, resulting in many consumers being confused or uneducated about what they are buying. With the app, shoppers will have a choice to not support products tested on animals, with access to information right from their own smart phone. The app will also reveal the truth behind products and companies that claim to be ethical, but do in fact test on animals. Rather than spending hours researching each brand of make up online, Cruelty-Cutter lets consumers check out the facts while browsing at a store, instantly and thoroughly. The app shows consumers that shopping cruelty-free is as easy as shopping at their favorite store.

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