A new wave of accessory, smart devices are rolling out to help you manage updates without draining your phone’s battery or having it out all the time. The Smarty Ring is a new twist on the idea to funnel all your data and info through your fingertips. A stainless steel ring with a digital display alerts you to calls, updates, needed info, or use it as a timer, clock or even remote control.

Smarty Ring is connected to your phone via Bluetooth to alert you to all phone calls, texts, emails and updates from your social media. The ring acts as a clock to tell you the current time (or a different time zone) along with a timer function, stopwatch and alarm. An interesting function of the ring is that it acts as a remote control for your camera or your music. An induction charging stand can power up both the ring and your phone and wearing the two in tandem alerts you if the phone gets more than 30 feet away in the case of theft or forgetfulness.

Of course, you could just get a smart watch, but the idea behind the Smarty Ring is for the device to be small and discrete as well as be for those who don’t want to wear a watch. The stainless steel ring is a piece of high-tech jewelry with a simple and clean design for both men and women. With a 24 hr battery life and waterproof design, you can wear the ring anywhere.

Smarty Ring is available currently available via an IndieGoGo campaign starting at $175.

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