Snowballs are a quirky name for a great concept – underwear to help men with infertility issues. After experimenting with different techniques to help him and his wife conceive, designer Joshua Shoemake found that using ice in the nether regions helped to bring down high temperatures and improve fertility. After ‘icing’ for a year, Shoemake became a father himself, and soon afterwards developed the idea of organic cotton underwear with re-freezable SnowWedges incorporated in the design, perfect for cooling.

The wedges are made from a non-toxic gel with the idea that once frozen, they maintain a comfortable temperature for around 30 minutes. They mold to the body for comfort and could help the ‘cooling underwear’ act as a great non-invasive alternative for men experiencing problems in the fertility department. Male infertility accounts for 40% of all infertility, and although the Snowball designs don’t come with a fertility guarantee, they could certainly lessen the stress and cost of a trip to the doctors.

Snowballs are available for pre-order on Kickstarter from $55.

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