Trident Gum thinks distraction from our smartphones is a major problem, so they commissioned Kunihiko Morinaga of Anrealage to create a line of clothes that would block all incoming signals to your phone. Focus: Life Gear is made from a fabric that shields from all electromagnetic waves. Without any phone calls, notifications, or text messages coming in, you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand, your company, or your surroundings and not what’s going on in social media or the news.

Being present in the moment can be tough when there are statuses to updates, pictures to post, news to read and texts to send. If you can’t seem to put the phone down, Trident may just have the solution for you – signal blocking clothes. Put your phone in a pocket made from special electromagnetic wave blocking fabric and no new data, messages or calls will come in. This way distractions are eliminated so you can focus on the here and now.

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Trident wants to help people find focus so they hired Mondelez International and Japanese designer, Kunihiko Morinaga of Anrealage to create a line of clothing to manage the distractions. Focus: Life Gear by Trident is a series of twelve garments made out of the special wave blocking fabric. Morinaga also employed lessons learned from the outdoor apparel industry to make waterproof zippers and seamless tailoring. The fabric was laser cut and heat crimped resulting in a crisp and tailored finish.

Of course, you could just silence your ringer, shut off the notifications or just turn the phone off all together. But if it takes you having a special outfit to curb your social media addiction, we’ll support it.

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