Australian company Tzukuri understands that it sucks to loose an expensive pair of sunglasses. That’s why they’ve embedded a chip and a solar cell in every pair that communicates with your iPhone in case you forget them. The chip communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy and charged by an integrated solar cell. Soon available in six styles and three different colors, the handmade Tzukuri sunglasses will never get lost.

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Never worry about leaving your sunglasses behind again. Tzukuri sunglasses feature an embedded chip that communicates with your iPhone to let you know if you’ve forgotten them. Walk more than 5 meters away from your sunglasses and the app will send you an alert. The app will continue to send an alert up to 25 meters away, but in case you don’t notice the alerts, the app records the sunglasses last location so that you can go back and find them. Tzukuri licenses the iBeacon technology from Apple and uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to communicate between the sunglass chip and your phone. This makes it very energy efficient so that only a small solar cell is needed to charge the chip and it also means you don’t need WiFi or a data signal to remain connected with your sunglasses.

When you’re at home, notifications are disabled so you’re not getting constant alerts, but say you can’t find your sunglasses, just turn on the app to find their whereabouts. So not only is the app hand to ensure you don’t loose your sunglasses while out, it also helps the owner find their sunglasses in their own home. Hand made in Japan, Tzukuri will soon be available in six different styles and three colors and all feature polarized, anti-scratch lenses with 100% UV protection. Preorder your Tzukuri sunglasses for just $249, which will be shipping in the fall of 2014.

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