Have you ever had a sweater you loved, but the fit just wasn’t right and the style was all wrong? A new eco-service by graphic designer Haik Avanian will transform your old sweater into something new. (Avanian’s mom does the actual reknitting grunt work.) Each month, Reknit will choose a different upcycled eco-knitting project, whether it’s socks, cut-off gloves, a beanie, or even an iPod case. For January, it’s scarves.

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The project was launched as a way of encouraging Avanian’s mother to “partake in her hobby more often,” he tells GOOD, adding that he also wanted to get the word out on this frugal reuse technique.

His own family has a long history of reusing yarn, and in fact, they’ve been reknitting the same ball of yarn for more than 40 years! “My grandma first used it to knit jackets for my mom and aunt when they were born,” he says. “As they grew, the jackets were combined into one sweater for my mom.”

Avanian’s family has a history of reusing yarn—they’ve been reknitting the same ball for over 40 years!

But the story doesn’t end there. As his mother grew older and started knitting herself, she repurposed it once more as a dress, then a two-piece outfit for her sister when she was born, and finally into a jacket for her sister several years later. “We still have that jacket,” Avaanian says, “and it’s a great family heirloom that has a lot of our history embedded.”


Getting your own reknit scarf is simple: Choose one of two design options, pony up $30, and pop your old sweater into the mail before the end of January. Avanian’s mom will unravel your sweater and reknit it. If you don’t have a sweater you want to transform but still want a scarf, don’t despair. You can head to your nearest thrift store and find the perfect one.

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