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Sony said that the accessories are inspired by travel scenarios “synonymous with losing yourself in music—whether it be the daily commute or simply relaxing at the beach.”

“Your headphones are an extension of you —like your phone and keys, they go with you everywhere,” Alberto Ayala, director of video and sound product marketing at Sony Europe, said in a statement. “So H.ear on Wireless NC headphones have been designed to be a part of your life.”

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For Auria director Diana Auria, whose designs have been spotted on celebrities such as Rihanna, Daisy Lowe, and Lily Cole, collaborating with Sony offered the brand a new way to flex its “waste-not” muscle.

“The opportunity to partner with Sony on such an innovative project was amazing. I am a long term champion of sustainable fashion, and the headphone wires have been a great material to upcycle and design with,” she said. “They have made really fun, colorful, and durable travel products.”

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