From puberty to pregnancy, women’s bodies change all the time. But who says our clothes have to? That question is both the cri de coeur and the promise behind Sotela, a line of eco-friendly dresses for the “everyday ever-changing woman.” Currently available for preorder on Kickstarter, the three-piece collection is designed to be minimal, comfortable and, best of all, forgiving. “Like most women, I’ve struggled with weight fluctuations that have made fitting into my regular clothing a chore,” Hanna Baror-Padilla, founder of Sotela, said in a statement. “I know firsthand how insecure you can feel when your clothes don’t fit the way the way you remembered.”


After her own protracted battle with bloating, Baror-Padilla said she recognized the need for a “dynamic clothing brand for women,” one that had the added benefit of cutting down on closet clutter.

“I created Sotela because I believe we should be able to reach into our closets and have multiple pieces that will always fit, and better yet, make us feel beautiful,” Baror-Padilla added.

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All of Sotela’s dresses are made in the United States from better-for-the-planet fabrics such as Tencel, which is derived from wood pulp, and modal, which comprises reconstituted cellulose from beech trees.

Available in two sizes (0 to 6 and 8 to 12), the dresses range in price from $79 for a jersey swing to $89 for the shift and cocoon styles.

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