Photo by Fiona Garden

Our own Amisha Ghadiali chats with Summer Rayne Oakes (above, modeling Amisha Jewellery) and Benita Singh of Source4Style for the Ethical Fashion Forum’s new online magazine. (The Source)

Additional sales and custom taxes in Pakistan—not to mention double-digit inflation—have quintupled the cost of importing secondhand clothing, affecting the 100,000 people who find direct or indirect employment from the trade. (Fibre2Fashion)

Why is Vogue promoting a vegan diet on the one hand and gushing over “crazily glamorous furs” on the other? Consistency, thy name isn’t Anna Wintour. (

British chancellor George Osborne’s cri de coeur for “made in Britain, created in Britain, designed in Britain, invented in Britain” must have bemused many young designers, considering how the reputation, quality, and ubiquity of U.K.-made garments have quietly peaked in the past decade. (The Telegraph)

Celebrity stylist and reality star Rachel Zoe has published an “Everything Eco” guide with picks from Ecouterre favorites like Bodkin, Matt & Nat, and The Andean Collection. (Rachel Zoe)


“I think what we’ve all discussed in this industry many times is that there are complications with making anything green. We want to help designers take the very first step. We want them to be more and more green as time goes on.”

—Sylvana Ward-Durrett, co-founder of Runway to Green and Vogue’s special events director, as quoted by the Associated Press.