“Luke, I am your sneaker.” Okay, so the Lucasian creation you see before you isn’t Darth Vader—it’s actually a Stormtrooper, for those of you non-Star Wars fanatics—but it does beckon you to the dark side…of upcycling, that is. Believe it or not, artist Freehand Profit crafted the incredibly spot-on replica out of Adidas sneakers!

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Submitted to the Star Wars Remix Project, which challenges fans to create characters or other recognizable elements from the movies using everyday materials, the recycled headgear looks almost exactly like the real thing. Freehand Profit crafted the mask out of exclusive Adidas x Star Wars Superskate Mids, but it wasn’t easy. “This was the first piece that required more than one pair of shoes to create and it gave me hell,” he explains. “I pushed through and couldn’t be happier with the result.”

The helmet recently sold on eBay for a solid $2,125.

We’re pretty sure that the Mids used to make the mask weren’t used—and if they were, talk about a gas mask—but even so, this is a really great way to make a special object into something even more special, not to mention valuable. The helmet recently sold on eBay for a solid $2,125.

+ SneakerTrooper Helmet on eBay

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