You may be the captain of the two-wheel commute—Sultan of the Schwinn—weaving in and out of traffic with preternatural dexterity, but cue the setting sun and all bets are off. Add some extra peace of mind with LFLECT, a range of high-visibility knit accessories by Lost Values that look like regular garb by day but become illuminated at night—without the use of batteries or complicated circuitry.

LFLECT by Lost Values

Handcrafted in Scotland using local wool from the Highlands, LFLECT made its debut in late September at 100% Design, where it was awarded “Best Use of Materials” by Blueprint. From reflective pompoms and headbands for your hair to more practical woolly cold-weather gear, LFLECT deftly melds both form and function, with myriad pattern and color combinations for fashion-forward pedal pushers.

LFLECT looks like regular garb by day but becomes illuminated at night.

On Nov. 27, Lost Values will be opening a studio in London, where you can bring your favorite items of clothing to be customized with LFLECT. Can’t wait or make the flight? Order a strip of reflective lace, embroidered with procession of tiny two-wheelers, to sew onto your own togs.


+ Lost Values