Photo by Sacha Maric

We bet Jules Verne never saw this one coming. Set against a backdrop of time travel, the Industrial Revolution, and parallel universes, “ClangBoomSteam” by Danish student designer Tobias Noe Harboe is a sustainable menswear collection worthy of the godfather of steampunk himself. And the judges of the Innovating Sustainable Fashion Show in Copenhagen were more than a little intrigued by Harboe’s extraordinary tale: He was awarded first prize at the runway show and design contest, which was held on Thursday to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference.

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Photo by Sacha Maric


“ClangBoomSteam” tells the story of six scientists from the future—2030, to be exact, the expiration date on Earth’s resources—who travel back in time to 1799 to steer the Industrial revolution toward a more sustainable path, “thus creating a strange, parallel universe,” says Harboe. Using organic cotton, hemp, wool, linen, and recycled polyester, Harboe has created a quirky yet wearable collection that he hopes will inspire wonder—and action.

“ClangBoomSteam” tells the story of six scientists from 2030 who time-travel to 1799 to steer us toward a more sustainable path.

“I’ve made the issue of sustainability my main concern in recent works,” he adds. “I regard this as the ultimate challenge and one which will necessitate an outstanding, collectively effort to overcome. It is a dark horizon at the moment, but I believe that people of the world will realize the gravity of our situation and take action to preserve the planet.”

The Innovating Sustainable Fashion Show featured 31 young, aspiring designers and their take on planet-forward design. Other entries included biodegradable raincoats, lingerie with embedded flower seeds, and Native American-inspired “totem” knitwear.

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