Stella McCartney is about to become even more animal-friendly. The British firm is the first global fashion brand to join the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network, an international coalition of non-governmental organizations, businesses, artisans, producers, and harvesters dedicated to the conservation of threatened wildlife while fostering economic and social opportunities in rural communities. Stella McCartney joins other “Wildlife Friendly”-certified initiatives like Patagonian “green” cashmere, Wildlife Works, and the Snow Leopard Trust in providing a market incentive for farmers, ranchers, and locals to adopt more sustainable production methods.

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By marrying the worlds of sustainable agriculture and sustainable fashion, each garment produced has the potential to “tell a story about responsible consumption and can support sustainability throughout the fashion supply chain,” says Julie Stein, executive director of Certified Wildlife Friendly.

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“This unique partnership will benefit global consumers by providing a wider range of truly Wildlife Friendly choices and enabling them to vote their values with their pocketbooks,” she adds. “Stella McCartney has consistently embraced a triple-bottom-line approach to business. We applaud the brand’s leadership in initiating efforts towards responsible sourcing across a range of Wildlife Friendly fibers, textiles and raw materials from around the globe. We don’t have to choose among people, planet or profit, but instead can work to benefit both business and biodiversity.”

+ Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network