Come August, Stella McCartney will launch a new line of everyday lingerie made from organic cotton and recycled metals, reports the New York Times. Dubbed “Stella,” the mid-price collection will feature five different bra shapes—molded underwire, low plunge, strapless, and a seamless, underwire-free style—in “youthful pops of electric blue or python and more timeless hues of blush pink or black,” according to writer Chelsea Zalopany.

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Stella isn’t McCartney’s first foray into sustainable skivvies. In 2008, she included “Daisy Dreaming,” an organic-cotton bra-and-panty combo in her main, far pricier lingerie lineup (think $90 for a thong).

“Well-made lingerie is key,” McCartney said. “Feeling constricted by one’s underwear just isn’t my thing

“Well-made lingerie is key,” the British designer told Zalopany. “Feeling constricted by one’s underwear just isn’t my thing; you need to rely on the quality. It has to fit, function, and do its job first and foremost.” Bras are expected to cost $55 apiece, while the matching knickers in lace, mesh, and matte satin will set you back $26.

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