The sun will come out, tomorrow? Maybe if you live south of the equator or have a non-imaginary trust fund. For the rest of us poor shlubs, Stewart + Brown’s globe-trotting Spring 2011 collection provides our only means of escape. (We’ve been stealing wistful glances all morning.) Inspired by adventures on the high seas, exotic spice markets, sunsets on the African savanna, and underwater treasure hunts, the sustainable lineup has everything a worldly heroine requires, including pieces that transition seamlessly from daytime sightseeing to evening fetes.

Stewart + Brown, Spring/Summer 2011, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, organic cotton


With patterns and hues that recall the bustle of life—or perhaps the pre-travel scramble—”Follow(ing) the Horizon” is replete with effortless, low-key elegance: organic-crepe-cotton sarongs, woven-linen safari shirtdresses, and hemp-jersey drop-crotch pants. The pieces offer more than a wink and a nod to Stewart + Brown’s fictional traveler. An all-over pima print recalls the malachite minerals she collects, for instance, while a watercolor-stripe jersey references her journal studies of the Mediterranean.

Follow(ing) the Horizon” offers effortless, low-key elegance for a fictional, globe-trotting heroine.

So go ahead, make the most of gray skies by satisfying your inner voyeur. Tomorrow will be a day away—eventually, anyway.

+ Stewart + Brown