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Ladies aren’t the only ones who should be weary of cancer-linked chemicals in personal care products. A new study by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has shown that many men’s products are just as unsafe. The analysis found that a slew of men’s products- from fragrances to shampoos– contain serious chemicals that are linked to cancer, infertility and allergies.

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Most women use an average of twelve personal products a day, but between washing, shampooing and deodorizing, men’s product use is up there too. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ study first examined men’s hair color and conditioners, finding lead acetate to be a prevalent ingredient. The toxin has been banned in the European Union and Canada, yet remains in many products stateside.

Other toxins like triclosan, a pesticide, and coal tar are banned in other countries, but can be found in American toothpaste and dandruff shampoo, respectively. Even worse, are toxins in men’s fragrances, which because of “trade secrets,” are not required to list each ingredient- which can be hormone disrupters.

Along with womens’ personal care products, chemicals and toxins are rife in American health and beauty aids. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics finds fault at the lack of laws and control by Food and Drug Administration, who hasn’t held control over ingredients lists in over 70 years. With so many chemicals legally allowed to be in products, both men and women need to read labels carefully when choosing everything from deodorant to toothpaste.

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