If you want to feel that you are investing in sustainability as you practice your sun salutations, you need to know about Süga. This California based company offers ultra durable yoga mats that are made from 100 percent recycled wetsuits. As an avid surfer, founder Brian Shields felt that the gear needed to pursue his love was not very sustainable. Wetsuits last only a few years before they head to the landfill, but Süga is changing that equation.

Süga (pronounced suu-gah, rhyming with beluga) was named as such by blending the two loves of surfing and yoga. The process of making a Suga mat starts at the material creation. In exchange for a 10 percent discount on products, old wetsuits are sent by mail or dropped off at a collection sites. The suits are shredded and then reformed into the yoga mats.

Because the mats are made from wetsuits, they have properties excellent for yoga.

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The material has density, elasticity, and tackiness perfect for yoga practice. It also has antimicrobial properties that help stave off germs. It can be easily washed by hosing down or wiping with soapy water.

Süga launched a kickstarter campaign with an option to buy for life. Backing the a C2G SügaMat means that any times your mat wears out, you can send it to Süga and they’ll send you a new one. This unique model is more like buying into a service, rather than a product.

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