The latest fashion trend is an exercise in frugality—going for a month (or longer) with only six items already in your closet—not counting shoes or, ahem, undies. (New York Times)

One apparel factory in the Dominican Republic goes against the grain by paying employees nearly three and a half times the prevailing minimum wage—can this relationship work out? (New York Times)

Should silk be tagged an eco-friendly fabric? A vegan style blogger tackles the question. (Green Grechen)

A new sustainable fashion outlet is throwing open its doors in Shoreditch, London, with a whole floor dedicated to Dr. Noki’s wacky, upcycled togs. (Londonist)

The Uniform Project’s LBD is back and better than ever in a new blend of organic cotton and silk. Do-it-yourselfers can also save a buck by purchasing the sewing pattern and fabric à la carte. (The Uniform Project)

Second wave: Apparel companies are quietly moving of China and Taiwan, where costs are on the uptick, to lower-cost production sites in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Bangladesh. (Apparel)