The beautiful crocheted sculptures of Susanna Bauer appear to be intricate leather work, but the detailed geometric pieces are expertly made from dried leaves! The artist defies the brittle fragility of the medium, manipulating the leaves to create geometric sculptural works. The incredible pieces are stitched together in three dimensional shapes, or with patterned needlework, sometimes left right on their branches to reveal their origin as dried leaves.

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The crunch of dried leaves during autumn is an unmistakable, and sometimes covetable noise. Fallen from their life source, leaves become ephemeral, turning to dust as they are stomped upon by daily life.

Now showing at the Lemon Street Gallery in Cornwall, England, Bauer’s work transforms natural objects she finds in the countryside into uniquely delicate sculptures. Layers of flattened dried leaves are held together with a tunnel of thread stitching that seems to burrow through the veiny surfaces of each leaf. The brittle leaves are carefully turned into geometric boxes, meticulously scored and folded whilst still on their branches, creating an otherworldly tree that sprouts cubes instead of leaves.

The leaves are stitched together to make three dimensional forms, or detailed with crocheted stitches. Leaf edges are turned into snowflakes with lace-like knots of thread, holes on a leaf’s surface are decorated with intricate crocheted patterns, and varying colors are joined together with decorative stitch.

Bauer’s careful handiwork transforms fallen leaves into nearly magical objects, accentuating the beauty of nature with her detailed crocheted stitching.

+ Susanna Bauer

[Via This is Colossal]